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Electricity Consumption Predictions

做爰免费完整过程视频Where there are multiple excellent integrated electricity master planning tools, all of them suffer from limited data on electricity consumption growth. Using a broad library of historic consumption data, satellite imagery and other big data sources, together with custom deep learning models, the team is creating an open service with API access to electricity consumption growth predictions for individual businesses and residences. Our work initially targets East Africa with a goal to extend throughout the continent and beyond to developing regions in South and Southeast Asia. Better data will enable scarce resources to go further.


Opportunities at the Electricity-Agriculture Nexus

Significant investments have been made in finding better ways to generate and supply electricity in the developing world. However, consumption data suggest that new customers use very limited amounts of electricity. We believe more attention needs to be paid to HOW new consumers use electricity to ensure they reap the benefits of access and electric utilities are able to generate sustainable revenues. For example, electricity has the potential to transform the agricultural sector by increasing primary production, reducing post-harvest losses, and adding value to crops. We are investigating opportunities where coordinated planning of electricity and agricultural infrastructure will lead to financially sustainable utilities, improved food security, and agricultural productivity and better development outcomes.


Electricity Reliability from Satellite Data

Beyond access, the availability and predictability of reliability is crucial for community and economic growth. The team is developing a novel technique to provide wide-area, long-term estimates of grid stability across sub-Saharan Africa and South and Southeast Asia using daily data on nighttime illumination. This data will be paired with the consumption growth models, and will be released data publicly for other applications from the community.

Milestone Tracking

Our Goals

Our investment and partnerships in data and technology will accelerate the development of sustainable last-mile electrification solutions and drive the productive consumption of electricity in energy poor communities globally.

  • $500or less

    做爰免费完整过程视频is our target cost-per-connection for mini-grid power

  • 1thousand

    做爰免费完整过程视频 kWh per capita is the minimum level of energy consumption needed to spur economic development in emerging markets worldwide

  • >$0.15cents

    做爰免费完整过程视频is our target cost for mini-grid power for customers in areas of high-energy poverty

Case Studies

做爰免费完整过程视频Over the last several years, The Rockefeller Foundation has worked with the Institute of Transformative Technology and Smart Power India to develop the world’s most affordable smart microgrid systems.

Utility in a Box

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